Casita Virtual PODS


Our online creative play sessions offer open-ended nature-inspired activities that your child can do in the comforts of your very own home.

What Makes our Virtual PODS different:

  • We make it easy peasy for you mailing you all materials you need for the sessions. We try to break monotony of the usual online learning by exposing children to different materials and ideas.

  • Children are engaged throughout the session as they follow our Casita leaders. Our activities leave room for a child’s imagination and creativity to flourish.

  • Our activities strive to develop listening, communication, motor and thinking skills.

Session Information:

  • 45-60 minutes per session

  • $1,000 for 4 sessions in a month (1x a week)

  • Minimum of 4 children and maximum of 12 children

  • 1 Casita Leader per session

Recommended for ages 4-7 years old.

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